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Types of Shots

Quartering Shot

The quartering shot is placed as an animal presents to you at an angle—either facing away from you (quartering-away) or facing toward you (quartering-forward). It’s an effective shot for deer, antelope, and similar-sized animals.

Quartering forward shot angle for a white-tailed deer
Quartering Forward
Quartering away shot angle of a bear
Quartering Away

Broadside Shot

The broadside shot is preferable for all of Montana’s big game animals. In a broadside shot, the bullet doesn’t have to pass through the stomach and intestines which might slow the bullet down. Also, on larger animals it is important for the bullet to pass through both of the lungs for an effective and rapid kill.

Broadside shot angle at Elk
Broadside of an Elk

To place the broadside shot, wait for an animal to turn broadside and then put your sights on the back of the front leg, bring them up the back of the front leg, ¼ of the way up the body. A shot placed in this area hits the lung/heart area and misses the shoulder and leg bone. Study the following pictures to learn more about shot placement.

Broadside shot at a deer
Broadside of a White-tailed Deer

Montana Fish, Wildlife,
& Parks
White-tailed deer tracks
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