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What Is Physical Fitness?

Hiking to stay in good conditionPhysical fitness is an important factor in determining both the type of hunting you plan to do and the location you plan to hunt. Never hunt in conditions beyond your physical abilities. Hunting requires energy, strength, and endurance. If you are fit and don’t have any medical problems you should be able to handle it. Exercise on a regular basis before you hunt to condition your body. Don’t put it off until the last minute!

Why Be Fit Before You Hunt?

There are many reasons for maintaining your physical fitness. Here are four reasons why it is important to be in good condition before taking to the field:

  • If you are physically fit you can walk faster and farther. You’ll cover more of your hunting area and have access to more remote sites.
  • If you are physically fit you can avoid exhaustion and dangerous lapses of concentration. Being alert and focused helps you to avoid accidents, lessens your chances of getting lost, and allows you to pay more attention to firearm safety and shooting skills.
  • Being physically fit can also improve your marksmanship. Remember: One of the keys to accuracy is breathing control. If you are out of breath and breathing heavily, your chest is heaving. If your chest is moving, you cannot hold your firearm steady.
  • If you must pursue or track a wounded animal, you will be more successful if you are fit.
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