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Leading and Follow-Through, or Swinging Through

Leading means shooting ahead of the moving target. Leading is necessary when shooting at any moving target. If you were to shoot directly at a moving target, by the time the shot reaches the spot, the target will have already passed by. With correct leading, the shot and the moving target will reach the same spot at the same time.

Leading the target with swing-through method

Leading is only one part of a combination of skills called swinging through. For the beginning shooter, the swing through method is easy to learn. Swing the muzzle of the shotgun so it points at the flying bird. Follow its flight path, increasing the speed of your swing until the firearm muzzle has passed through the bird to a spot just ahead. This is called leading. Then fire. Continue your swing during the shot and after. It is extremely important to continue swinging your shotgun after the shot. This is called follow through. Follow through helps prevent you from shooting behind your target.

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