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Pump-Action Firearms

Pump Action: The pump-action firearm is fast and smooth. It allows the shooter to re-cock the firearm without taking his or her eye off the target. The pump action also is referred to as “slide action” or “trombone action.”

Pump action firearm
  • To open the action, slide the forestock to the rear, which extracts the cartridge from the chamber and ejects it. Sliding the forestock toward the muzzle closes the action and readies another cartridge. A pump-action firearm will open only after it’s fired or if a release lever is pressed and the forestock is pulled to the rear.
  • To make sure it’s unloaded, you must visually check both the chamber and the magazine for cartridges.

How to Operate a Pump Action

  • Locate the action-release button. Make sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction.
  • Remember to keep your finger off of the trigger. Push and hold the action-release button while pumping the action. On most pump shotguns you do not need to use the action-release button if you have just shot the firearm. Simply pump the action to open it.
  • Once fired, each time thereafter that the action is pumped an empty case is ejected, a live round of ammunition is loaded into the chamber from the magazine, the hammer is cocked, and the firearm is ready to shoot.
  • With your finger off the trigger, push and hold the action release button and pump the action by cycling the action several times to ensure the chamber and magazine are empty. Visually check to ensure the chamber is empty. Leave the action oepn when not hunting.

How to operate a pump-action diagram

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