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Hello, hunter! Montana's online hunting course has moved. Click here to go to the latest version of the Today's Hunter in Montana course—the official hunting safety course of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

The following course material is for reference only. Please go to the new course to complete your Montana certification.

A Hunter’s Code

  1. I pledge to learn and follow the rules of firearm and hunting safety. I will require the same of my hunting partners.
  2. I pledge to obey all hunting regulations. I will conduct myself in a sportsmanlike manner. I will require the same of my hunting partners.
  3. I pledge to respect the activities and beliefs of other hunters and nonhunters.
  4. If I see a game law violation, I pledge to report it to FWP immediately.
  5. I pledge to ask for landowner permission to hunt.
  6. I pledge to hunt according to “fair chase.”
  7. I pledge to develop my hunting and shooting skills.
  8. I pledge to support wildlife conservation programs.
  9. I will teach others the skills, techniques, rules, and ethics of a true hunter.
  10. I pledge to make full use of any animal I take.

*This code is compiled from several sources including the NRA and the Kansas Hunter Education Manual

Hunting: Is It a Right or a Privilege?

Some people believe hunting is a right similar to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. It isn’t. Hunting is a privilege—one that can be taken away if you fail to meet certain standards. A right cannot be taken away from an individual; a privilege can.

For example, if you don’t do your homework, your parents may take away your “television privileges.” You may drive a car, but your license can be taken away if you drive irresponsibly or recklessly. Similarly, if you disobey hunting laws, your privilege to hunt may be taken away. Behaving irresponsibly and illegally can jeopardize all hunters’ privileges to hunt.

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