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Chapter 8 Review Questions


If you shoot a deer and it runs out of sight, you should:

Assume you missed and keep hunting
Wait at least half an hour before tracking, depending on the blood trail
Immediately follow the blood trail as quickly as possible so the meat doesn’t spoil
2. The first thing you should do after you determine the animal is dead is:
Cut across the throat area to let it “bleed out"
Tag it according to the hunting regulations
Throw it over your shoulders and pack it out to your vehicle
3. You should field dress an animal as quickly as possible after recovering the carcass because:
removing the entrails makes the carcass lighter to transport
removing the entrails allows the meat to cool, which helps keep it from spoiling
4. You should always _________________________.
transport your game over your shoulders without using hunter orange
display the carcass and the head on top of your vehicle as you drive home
tag your animal after you get it home
tag your big game animal before field dressing it
5. The most important thing you can do to make sure your game tastes good on the dinner table is _________________.
use a lot of ketchup
properly field dress the animal and care for the meat while you’re still in the field
keep the carcass wrapped in plastic until you can field dress it

It is critical that you know about the game you are hunting because ________________.

only one sex of the game you’re hunting may be legal
there may be protected species in the same area that you need to avoid shooting
it will increase your chance of success
All of the above
7. A ____________ shot is the preferred shot for larger game animals, such as deer, elk, and bear.

When approaching a downed deer or other large animal, you should _________________.

approach from the front and make noise to startle the animal
pause above and behind the animal’s head and watch the chest cavity for any movement
approach from the front if the animal’s eyes are closed
Any of the above
9. ___________ would not contribute to meat spoiling.
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& Parks
White-tailed deer tracks
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