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Chapter 7 Review Questions

1. List four things you can do to prepare for your hunt.
2. What information should you include on your hunting trip sheet or hunting plan?
Who you are hunting with
Where you plan to hunt
How long you plan to be gone
All of the above
3. With whom should you leave your trip plan?
Adult family members not going on the trip
Your neighbor
The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department
Your hunting buddy
4. Hypothermia can be prevented by ________________.
staying dry
dressing properly
exposing yourself to the wind to dry out if wet
Both a. and b.

What does S.T.O.P stand for?


List three items which are primary components of a survival kit:

7. The international emergency signal for distress is ________________.
three fires evenly spaced
three shots
three blasts of a whistle
Any of the options listed
8. If dressing for cold weather conditions, you should ______.
wear several layers of clothing instead of one heavy article of clothing
wear cotton since it can provide warmth even when wet
wear wool
Both a. and c.
Montana Fish, Wildlife,
& Parks
White-tailed deer tracks
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