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Chapter 5 Review Questions


To determine the appropriate gauge and length of the shell for a shotgun, look on the __________.

2. Which of the following components is NOT found in a centerfire rifle cartridge?
3. You have sighted in your hunting rifle using ammunition with a 150-grain bullet. You plan to go moose hunting and have purchased ammunition with a 180-grain bullet. Should you sight in your hunting rifle again?
4. Different gauge shotshells should not be mixed together because _______.
once mixed, it is impossible to separate them accurately
a smaller gauge shotshell can slip past the chamber of a larger gauge gun and result in serious personal injury
a 12-gauge shotshell can be chambered into a 20-gauge shotgun and result in serious personal injury
None of the above

Label the indicated parts of rifle and shotgun ammunition:

Rifle and shotgun ammo

Montana Fish, Wildlife,
& Parks
White-tailed deer tracks
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