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Chapter 4 Review Questions

1. To load or unload a firearm safely, you should always ___________.
put the safety on
dry fire the firearm before loading and after unloading
point the muzzle in a safe direction
Both a. and c.
2. __________________________ is not a safe way to transport a firearm.
With the action open
In a gun case
Loaded and in a gun rack in the rear window
3. Which of the following steps apply when accepting a firearm from another person?
Make sure that the action is open, and visually check the chamber and magazine before touching the firearm
Grasp the firearm in both hands, keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction
Thank the other person to let them know you have control of the firearm
All of the above
4. If three hunters are walking side by side, the hunter in the center should keep the gun pointed or .
5. If three hunters are walking in single file, it is acceptable for the hunter in the center to use the _________________.
cradle carry
elbow carry
shoulder carry
trail carry

Firearms should always be stored unloaded, separate from ammunition, each in separate, locked storage cabinets or units.

7. The carry method that offers the best control of your firearm is ______________.
cradle carry
shoulder carry
two-hand carry
side carry
8. If you should stumble or fall while carrying a firearm:
Make every effort to control the direction of the muzzle so that it does not point at you or others
Unload the firearm and check the barrel for obstructions
Clean the barrel with a portable cleaning kit, if necessary
Both a. and b.

When crossing a fence with a firearm, the first step is always to unload your firearm and leave the action open.

10. When two hunters, each carrying a firearm, are crossing an obstacle such as a fence:
One hunter crosses over the obstacle first, and the loaded firearms are handed to him/her
Both hunters cross over at the same time, each carrying their own firearms with the muzzles pointed in a safe direction
One passes his or her unloaded, action open, firearm to the other, then crosses the obstacle first, and then the unloaded firearms with the actions open and the muzzles pointed in a safe direction are passed to him/her so the other hunter can safely cross the obstacle

Would you consider it a safe or unsafe situation to shoot at the game in this figure?

Safe or unsafe shot?

The use of alcohol or drugs impairs which of the body’s abilities listed below?

All of the above

The main reason for wearing hunter orange clothing while hunting is to ______________________.

make it more difficult for game to see you
continue an old hunting tradition
make yourself more visible to other hunters
Montana Fish, Wildlife,
& Parks
White-tailed deer tracks
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