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Chapter 3 Review Questions

1. What are the three basic parts of rifles and shotguns?
sights, trigger, barrel
stock, barrel, action
stock, trigger, sights

“Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.” Which end of the barrel is the muzzle?

Front end
Back end

Why should you never rely solely on a safety to keep a gun from firing accidentally?

The safety is a mechanical device and may wear out
Safeties are usually well made but should not be relied on
A hard blow such as a fall can cause a gun to fire
All of the above

List the five basic firearm actions.


Label the indicated parts of a bolt-action rifle:

Bolt-action firearm

6. The design feature that causes a bullet to spiral, which increases accuracy and distance, is called .
Montana Fish, Wildlife,
& Parks
White-tailed deer tracks
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