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Chapter 2 Review Questions

1. We have hunting laws to protect ______________.
Both a. and b.
2. Hunting is a right, not a privilege.

Hunters can help maintain a positive public image by ________________.

wearing bloody hunting clothes to town
bragging in public about how many animals they kill
respecting the needs and wishes of other people
4. When is it okay to be irresponsible?
When nobody else can see you
When your behavior doesn't hurt anyone

A fair chase ethic includes actions and an attitude that show ___________.

an interest in killing as many animals as possible
respect for wildlife
a desire to break the law
6. Just because something is legal does not automatically mean it is fair or responsible.
7. List three behaviors of a responsible hunter:
8. Whose responsibility is it to know the laws and regulations before you go hunting?
Your parents
The leader of your hunting group
9. A responsible hunter follows the law and takes for his or her actions.
10. The job of the game warden is to ________________________.
tell you where to find deer and elk to hunt
make sure that all hunting laws and regulations are followed
Montana Fish, Wildlife,
& Parks
White-tailed deer tracks
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