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How (And Why) You Need to Sight-In Your Rifle

It’s almost deer season, and you’re getting excited about your upcoming hunt. You dust off your rifle and head over to your local range for some warm-up target practice. You sight the target down-range, confident in your bull’s-eye, pull the trigger and…

Your shot is off. What’s up?

You need to sight-in your rifle. Bullets don’t travel in a straight line; they arc. Because of gravity’s effects, you have to “sight-in,” or adjust your sights to hit a target at a specific range.

As a deer hunter, you might consider sighting-in your rifle to a target about 100 yards away. That’s a good rule of thumb, though you may need to sight-in your rifle for a different range, depending on where you hunt.

To sight-in your rifle, follow these steps:

Now that you know how to sight-in your rifle, you can get these added benefits: